Creative Director

About 'Roberto' Prates Teixeira De Paula Filho


Creative and Multitalented

Born between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, a creative and multitalented son of a traditional family of sugar cane farmers. His father sent him to study in the United States at the age of 16, and he never stopped to discover other cultures and countries. He has always been a very curious person about everything that has a sense of eccentricity, whatever its for was, the unusual always aroused interest in him , the underground of New York, Paris or London or even in India."My friends have always been a part of my achievement ,of knowing my ability by introducing me to the right people ".

Living abroad for more them 23 years in many different places in the world I worked with art galleries and got the opportunity to work with fashion photographer which gave me a lot of knowledge. I used to travel around Asia and Europe doing fashion editorial for men's uno Hong kong, Marie Claire, vogue India and American and many other local fashion magazines gave me the chance  to get a lot of experience in the fashion field. " Chatuchak Weekend Market in Thailand and Portobello in London are among my favorite hotspots as I am a big fan of second hand market places. 

I also love cooking. I even worked as a chef too I did cook for the Brazilian embassador in many special occasions , in private homes , for official meetings ,for heads of state when they visit Asia. "if we know how to observe and put passion in the pound in which we propose to do , the result will always be positive" is my quote.

As always as a result of connections I was invited to give a new look to the image of Pangoi brand and how could not be different the result was super positive. I am in charge of the brand imaging and event management. I am in charge of finding ways for Pangoi brand to idealize what would be suitable for the brand as I had the utmost care already knew in what points should be parceled out after some meetings with brand founder Patrick Goi and his team, it is clear that the experience to have lived for 5 years with the Chinese community has clearly given me a closer look between Western and Asian, making the connecting of the traditional and conservative put it in a blender of harmony and condensing into a single frequency. And also adding what the community of Asian women wanted and adore the most......Handbags.