PANGOI Ambassador

About Datuk Chef Wan

A man who needs no introduction, Datuk Chef Wan is a professional chef, television host,food critic, author, actor,entrepreneur, cultural ambassador, and motivational speaker. Datuk Chef Wan has hosted a string of international TV shows, and is still tirelessly putting Malaysian cuisine and the country in the international spotlight.Datuk Chef Wan has won several awards for the gourmet food books he has written. In 2009, he received the Best TV Celebrity Chef award at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in France.

Datuk Chef Wan, undoubtedly one of the famous Malaysians on the international arena, is well known for being fussy about quality.Datuk Chef Wan uses top quality ingredients when cooking. Datuk Chef Wan buys PANGOI ladies handbags for his loved ones. Because quality matters.

Every time we watch him cook we know that he only uses high quality ingredients to ensure a delicious meal. That in essence, gel very well with what PANGOI is all about. As a brand, PANGOI remains committed to carefully upholding the principles of quality and integrity. We believe, this quality is what makes Datuk Chef Wan partnered with us and agreed to represent our brand PANGOI.

PANGOI believes that a brand ambassador is someone that embodies our corporate identity in appearance, demeanor, values and ethics.For that, after much consideration, PANGOI is proud to announce Datuk Redzuawan Ismail or popularly known as Chef Wan has been appointed as the Face of PANGOI.

As a person, Datuk Chef Wan is one very intimate person. He is super warm and friendly with his fans and that endear him to so many people wherever he goes. In short, he appeals to people of all races and ages.Similarly, Pangoi creates not only the highest-quality leather handbags and wallets but also boast timeless designs that inspire women of many backgrounds regardless of race and age.It was indeed a natural choice for PANGOI to partner with the ever delightful Datuk Chef Wan.

Datuk Chef Wan is also a synthesis of successful professional chef and a doting family man. Many people knows of how he loves and takes care of his mother, kids, family and friends. This is also a trait that PANGOI wants to evoke – that PANGOI handbags and wallets are made with love for our loved ones.Despite leading a busy life, Datuk Chef Wan is also very stylish and modern, and has a lot of personality. And yes, his fashion sense is pretty incredible that goes hand in hand with PANGOI.Above all, Datuk Chef Wan 'is still current’ and is fantastic role model to all.

PANGOI believes that Datuk Chef Wan is timeless and ageless, which PANGOI brand is striving for.Humble, accomplished in culinary world, entertainment and in life, we are thrilled to welcome Datuk Chef Wan to PANGOI.